New York City vs Bangalore (Social, Tech & Dating)

Let me first give you a little background. I’m Indian-American, and been in New York since the first grade, ever since my family moved to the US. I only lived in Bangalore for 6 months, while I was there to work with a teammate to develop Coffeepass in 2014, but I got to really experience […]

Coffeepass Safety

Serious Topic: Safety Behind Coffeepass

Most of what we’ve been putting out has been about light-hearted topics, and how Coffeepass is friendly and social, but what we have yet to shine a light on is a serious and important side to Coffeepass: how it is making things safer. Coffeepass obviously works along with Facebook. What drives Coffeepass vs Facebook is […]

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Coffeepass Clicks

Our First Video for Coffeepass!! It is a better way to meet that someone. We are a truly social dating and matchmaking portal. Before tech, dating was mostly a social thing. We just put social back into the picture. With Coffeepass you can meet someone great through friends. Someone who also liked you from your […]

Love Lock Bridge

Hey there Good Looking, want to ‪Go Steady‬?

Yes! Groovy. Let’s lock it up in Paris. ‪At the Pont des Arts Paris love lock bridge.‬ ‪#‎4Paris‬ Love Locks     Photo Credits: @antoniogaudenciophotographie & davis  

Coffeepass Press Release

Coffeepass Press Release

Coffeepass – Friends & Matches Press Release by Dev Melepura ** Meet someone great through friends. Someone who also liked you from your 2nd to 3rd degree of connection or open connection. Meet up one on one or while out with friends. Coffeepass’ Story: Coffeepass started as an attempt at making online dating better. Officially […]

Open Letter

Coffeepass Just Replaced 4th Degree w/ Open Connection Matches

Hi, Here is why we did this. If you go along with the theory that opposites attract, then your complements would be in your 1st degree of connection, but turning friendships into relationships is a bit awkward. Relationships spark through kismet and through timing. You meet and then there are instant sparks, and all you […]

cupid little girl

Happy Valentines Day!

How cute is this cupid! Best cupid pic we found. Photo credit @MarcoGovel FunMythFacts: In classical mythology, Cupid is the god of desire, attraction and affection. He is often portrayed as the son of the love goddess Venus and the war god Mars. His Greek counterpart is Eros.